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Are you planning your wedding or elopement in Apulia?

And are you looking for the best wedding videographer?

Then just possibly I am the right person to guide you through the locations and on your wedding day! I am totally in love with Apulia. It is one of the most authentic and naturally beautiful wedding destinations for your wedding film from Italy. 

If you found my website then chances are that you are looking for a wedding videographer to join you on your wedding day.
I am sure we will have lot’s of fun together!

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Why Apulia is a great place for a wedding video?

Apulia, or Puglia as it’s known by Italians, is an incredibly beautiful part of Italy, famous for its agriculture, olive groves, characteristic farmhouses and pristine beaches with crystal clear blue water. And it’s located in the heel of Italian boot!

Beach weddings in Apulia are very popular due to their beautiful coast, as are weddings in the countryside amongst the olive trees in farmhouses which are often refurbished with luxury designs, that complement perfectly their original rustic chic style.


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