Wedding in Tuscany at Borgo di Pietrafitta Relais

Do you dream of Tuscany as a destination for your wedding?

Try to imagine the splendid hills of Tuscany, illuminated by the sunset that turns everything golden …. and you are immersed in the swimming pool overlooking a valley full of Chianti vineyards! This is not just a dream because this place really exists and is called BORGO DI PIETRAFITTA RELAIS!


Borgo di Pietrafitta Relais is the ideal place for your wedding, especially if you have many guests to welcome and to whom you want to live a unique experience! The facility has 90 beds! You can let your guests live in this beautiful natural landscape full of gardens and avenues for strolling. They can enjoy the large swimming pool located under the cellars where Chianti wine is produced… and if you go in September you will smell the good scent of the grape harvest in the air!

Wedding at Borgo di Pietrafitta Relais

Today I would like to tell you about the splendid wedding of Karen and Bartek who chose Borgo di Pietrafitta Relais as their wedding destination in Italy.

Both live in London, but Karen is of Mexican origins so many guests have come from across the ocean, while Bartek of Polish origins. So a mix of cultures with guests from Mexico, USA, UK and Poland! In these three days of marriage, the Mexican Mariachis could not be missing, which brought joy to the evening of the pizza party and a popular Polish dance chosen as the “first dance” by the married couple!

Karen & Bartek

Wedding Video in Tuscany

The wedding video is essential to document your special day! Being able to review emotions and fix the memory of the experience lived by both you and your guests over time, I assure you that it has no quantifiable value!

CONTACT ME for more information, treat yourself to the film of your special day!

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