Villa Le Fontanelle Florence, Tuscany wedding venue - Photograph

Villa Le Fontanelle Florence, Tuscany wedding venue

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Villa Le Fontanelle Florence Tuscany wedding venue

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Are you planning your wedding or elopement in Florence,Tuscany?

In the summer you breathe with hot air, listening to the vibrating buzz of cicadas. The land here is rather dry, covered with forests. Where the hand of the man has deprived the earth of the shade of the trees are vineyards, olive groves or fields of cereals.

In the north-east of Tuscany are the Chianti forests. The west is the land at the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the south the cereal-covered hills with cypresses growing between them. This is probably the most characteristic view, strongly associated with this region.

Filming your wedding will help you experience the Tuscan world-famed attractions, but it will also discover for you some lesser-known jewels and help you to choose the perfect location for your wedding in Tuscany.


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Villa Le Fontanelle

The villa, originally a simple peasant farm, became in the XV century one of the properties of the Medici family and Cosimo de’ Medici donated it to Marsilio Ficino, famous member of the Florentine Umanesim. In this villa the humanist translated the Platonic codes and gave birth to the Florentine Neoplatonic Academy (in the villa you can find evidence of this heritage, like the siren statue in the middle of the marble pool of the Italian garden).
During the centuries the villa was home to several families, who changed its aspect many times. The man who gave the garden its current romantic look was sir John Francis Slone, inspired by the gothic style. During World War II, Mr Berenson was hosted and protected here, because Villa Le Fontanelle was considered neutral territory.

The first time we saw the villa we fell in love with it. Every day since then has been dedicated to the planning and maniacal research of every single color, furniture and fabric in order to create a unique location, where nothing is left to chance. What we wanted to offer is a dreamy environment where beauty is manifested everywhere, a feast for the eyes and a shelter for the soul. We wanted it to be warm and cozy place, where the wide spaces of the villa can guarantee our guests the highest level of privacy, so that everyone can feel like being home and share long lasting memories.

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Villa Le Fontanelle, Florence

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