Necker Island Wedding

Planning your Necker Island wedding?

Then you’re in the right place! We will tell you about our beautiful experience in luxury wedding that we made on this beautiful island!


NECKER is Richard Branson’s private island and is part of the British Virgin Islands … it is a true Paradise on Earth, where nature, animals and luxury environments come together in perfect harmony!

I work in wedding videography and I was commissioned to tell the week-long event for John and Maria’s wedding. A special thanks goes to GUENDALINA who organized everything in an exemplary way, leaving all guests a great life experience as well as a fantastic and memorable event!

We left Italy, together with my friend photographer THOMAS HARRIS, and after a long journey we were fascinated by this dream place: clean sea, pink flamingos that fly around the island at sunset, very nice lemurs and many others animals that live in harmony in Necker …. what we saw is amazing!

Richard Branson has managed to create a dream and a unique experience in Necker for all his guests to live! Difficult to explain in words how much it is worth celebrating the wedding in Necker Island … maybe I’m better at showing it to you with the video!

Wedding videography on Necker Island

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