LUT for V-LOG Lumix

I have developed some V-Log LUTs for Lumix mirrorless cameras that can be adapted to any lighting situation! Come and find out!

These LUTs are set to the original Lumix V-LOG setting, with “+1” exposure on highlights. For best results, it is recommended to carry out the white balance correctly when shooting video. LUTs are in .cube format and are adaptable to any video editing system.

Scrolling with the cursor in the images below you can see how the “Lumix_v2” LUT reacts in different light conditions: inside day, outside day, inside night with low brightness and outside night.


The package includes n. 4 .cube LUTs:

 Lumix_v2 (as per example above)
 Soft_s5 with much less contrasted blacks (more vintage)
 S5_Cinecolor to return the V-Log Lumix profile to a Rec 709
 Lut_AIR for D-LOG profile on Mavic Air S2 drones (compatible with Lumix video luts)

The LUT package for V-Log Lumix costs € 30.00

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