Italian wedding video - Photograph

Italian wedding video

If you’re looking for an Italian wedding video, you’re in the right place!

Italy has an unrivaled artistic and landscape heritage that can satisfy every wedding of your dreams, whether you want to marry in the beautiful city of Venice! “Canals and gondolas” will frame a surreal event, and if you want to marry in the eternal city of Rome with all its historical monuments famous for the “dolcevita”.

italian wedding video


Wedding Video in Venice

Venice is certainly one of the most evocative places for an Italian wedding video, where your imagination will have no limits of creativity! I advise you to rely on a Wedding Planner who knows how to manage well the whole event in this city because logistically it is very complicated and will certainly be of “help for the whole organization”.

Italian wedding video: the castles

In addition to the cities of art such as Rome, Florence and Venice or the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, in Italy there are also some splendid “Castles” that can fulfill the princely dreams that you have as children … dreams can come true!

I want to show you a wedding video we made at Castello di Rosciano in Umbria, with a thousand years of history behind it and that is still fascinating today!

How much does an Italian wedding video cost?

Of course you can find many different prices, often with commercial criteria that we do not like … in our opinion the wedding video is an artistic work and must remain in time as the best memory of your special day, so we never look at the ‘clock , we have no time limits, we devote all that is necessary to get a great movie and our prices can be freely consulted on our website.


We are available for any further information, I hope our experiences have been helpful!

Daniele Donati