Wedding Venues in Italy, Villa Lattanzi - Photograph

Wedding Venues in Italy, Villa Lattanzi

MEMORIES wedding story

Wedding Venues in Italy, Villa Lattanzi

Video matrimonio Marche

Wedding venues in Italy: Villa Lattanzi, Fermo (Italy)

Daniele Donati Films present DIEGO PACENTI and PAMELA ZAGAGLIA

wedding story “MEMORIES”

Curch: S. Giovanni, Monte San Vito (AN) Italy |  Videographer: Leonardo Sciancalepore and Andrew MacKenzie

Storytelling and Editing: Daniele Donati
Music: Reflection by Ian Post and New Day Comes by Rich Pixies | License: Art-List | number 892666

Photography: Roberta Facchini Photography 

Get Married in Italy // Villa Lattanzi

This historical dwelling dating back to the 18th century sits between the blue sea and the starry sky, on 35,000 square metres of an evergreen forest nestling in the heart of a nature route. With its romantic magnetism and breathtaking scenery, Villa Lattanzi really is a gem. It offers exclusive, personalised service, outstanding cuisine and beautiful rooms reminiscent of an era of aristocrats. It is bound to leave guests speechless. This largely unexplored region contains 40 municipalities, the castles of the ancient Marca fermana in the province of Fermo looks onto the Adriatic. This area is an impressive hub of history, nature and culture, featuring hamlets and abbeys replete with medieval allure, as well as Roman and Picene remains embellishing the valley with churches, monuments and theatres that collectively make for a perfect open-air museum. “Good day, my friend. Enjoy the hospitality the host prepared for you”. These words, which appear over the threshold of the resort, define the idea of the outstanding welcome, hospitality and service guests can expect from the professional figure of the Ambassador, a personal assistant ready to attend to their every need, provide discreet assistance, and offer a quick response to an impressive variety of requests with the elegance, taste and style Italy is renowned for worldwide. Villa Lattanzi was given a new lease on life thanks to careful restoration work that has managed to retain the original spirit of the place. It combines the ancient art of hospitality with the modern concept of hôtel de charme.

villa lattanzi
wedding venues in italy, villa lattanzi