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Getting married in Italy

Getting married in Italy : how to choose

Italy is a dream country, has an immense cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes to get married in Italy! Marriages start from your dreams and your ideas, we are here to help you achieve them.

We want to create unique emotions that can last forever and we are sure that these locations will never forget them again!

getting married in venice

Wedding in Venice

Getting married in Italy, known throughout the world as the land of love, with so many fabulous landscapes offers a beautiful backdrop to your wedding. From the north of Italy, with the peaks of the snow-capped mountains to the beauty of the beaches throughout the territory.

The sun is always shining on the Amalfi coast and the beautiful cities of Florence or Rome, where your love story will become reality!

Imagine traveling along the Venetian canals by gondola up to the splendid view of Piazza San Marco, or traveling through the Tuscan hills on a vintage Vespa, arriving in style at the ceremony.

The Caribbean beaches of Sardinia are a feast for the eyes, or the pristine beauty of Puglia, whatever your choice will be an unforgettable day to get married in Italy! There are cities of art, relaxing landscapes, lakes, mountains … everything you want most.

getting married in rome

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