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Destination Wedding | wonderful Umbria

Destination Wedding in Umbria: wedding Story “My heart for Lucky” // Product by Daniele Donati Films

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Destination Wedding from China to Umbria, Italy // Villa di Montefreddo // Fabio and Lucky


Fabio and Lucky live in China and have decided to get married with a destination wedding in Umbria, at Villa di Montefreddo. In this location immersed in the Umbrian countryside, emotions of other times have been relived thanks to the musical band coming from Tuscany that has enlivened all the guests with the Italian songs of the 50s. A wonderful dream come true for Fabio and Lucky! Best wishes guys!

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Wedding in Villa di Montefreddo

Villa Montefreddo is one of the most significant and valuable examples of late seventeenth-century dwellings. It was commissioned by the Count of Laviano Angelo degli Oddi for his own otium and remained property of the family until the last century, when after the marriage of Vittoria degli Oddi with Luigi Marini Clarelli, it passed to the latter. The villa is located at the top of a hill and is accessed via a long avenue of cypress trees; in renaissance style, it is configured in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. The vast Italian garden consists of four sloping terraces, where stone, water and evergreens are dosed wisely; the orangery reconnects to the villa through the neoclassical gallery of busts. During the Second World War the villa secretly guarded precious masterpieces of art in order to preserve them.