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commercial video

Commercial Video

From € 3.890,00 To € 5.990,00

N. 1 video until 60″

Do you need to promote a brand or a product? Then you need a commercial, or rather, a Commercial Video! Engagement and storytelling are the elements that dilute the promotional purpose, becoming your best allies to generate conversions.

Since their main goal is to attract new customers, they are often wide ranging and provide only the most important and relevant information to the viewer that they might need.


Promo Video

From € 1.890,00 € 2.890,00

N. 1 video of 30″

Is it time to get your users to convert? Then Promo Videos are the best way to do it.

Their goal is to bring your target to direct conversion in a maximum of 30 seconds, they differ from commercial videos for their strictly promotional focus. The basic ingredients of the mix are: specific copy that invites action and captivating images that reinforce the message.


Content Video

From € 8.990,00 To € 22.990,00

N. 3 to n. 9 videos with a duration of 90″

Does your editorial plan need a shake up? Would you like to share engaging and valuable video content? Content Videos are the right solution for you!

Fun, emotional and narrative, they are designed to convey a specific message and generate a high engagement rate on social channels.


Testimonial Video

From € 1.290,00 To € 2.090,00

N. 1 video from 90″ to 3 minutes

Are your customers satisfied with your products / services? Engage them in a Testimonial Video, one of the most powerful types of videos your company can make.

Today consumers are constantly looking for social proof, positive testimonials, before deciding to buy or not a particular product, 90% of consumers say that their purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews, therefore personal and honest feedback of a current or past customer is the strongest promotional message of anything else you can say about your company.


Educational Video

From € 1.190,00 To € 2.590,00

N. 1 video from 3 minutes to 5 minutes

Do you have a company that offers services that meet specific market needs and you want to better explain what problems your services can solve? What you need is an Educational Video.

Less focused on the brand and more focused on valuable information to communicate to your audience, Educational Videos have the task of informing about the services, solutions and mechanisms capable of solving certain problems that your potential customers share. Usually the protagonists of these videos are people inside the company who speak in the first person, illustrating the potential of the product or service to be promoted.


Documentary Video

From € 4.890,00 To € 7.990,00

N. 1 video from 15 minutes to 30 minutes

Sometimes 15 seconds are not enough to tell the values and mission of a brand, it is necessary to put the spotlight on what cannot be seen, on the “behind the scenes”, through a more authentic and inclusive narrative.

What is the best way to do this? Surely the Documentary Videos, with their emotional and, at the same time, informative style, perfect for brand awareness and consideration campaigns.

The protagonists of these videos are the people, representatives and spokespersons of the brand’s philosophy, who through interviews and direct testimonies, transmit its value. Documentary Videos are the ideal content marketing tool to make yourself known and build customer loyalty.


Lifestyle Video

From € 3.590,00 To € 5.990,00

N. 1 Video until 90″

Visual elements, action shots and extraordinary images are the basis of Lifestyle Videos and combine to create the atmosphere and lifestyle you want to associate with your brand.

They are videos that directly appeal to your target demographic, helping them visualize how your product or service fits into their lifestyle they want to relate to.

For this reason, the Lifestyle Videos take care of the aesthetics, it is the images that speak, moments that tell a philosophy, a value, a way of life that the brand is the spokesperson for. In 30 – 120 seconds maximum, Lifestyle Videos generate strong engagement and attachment to the brand, creating and consolidating your community


Event Video

From € 1.290,00 To € 1.990,00

N. 1 Video until 90″

Events are moments of great importance for a company. Congresses, anniversaries, launches of new products and services: these are all occasions to celebrate, remember and share. Like? Through the Event Videos!

Narrative, dynamic and engaging, the Event Videos tell everything about an event, retracing the most salient moments, from the organization to the performance, and following the people who were part of it.

Event Videos aim to consolidate its presence on the market, increase its reputation and demonstrate how close the brand is to its consumers and how many activities it carries out during the year, which is why they require a video production studied in detail.


Tutorial Video

From € 1.190,00 To € 5.190,00

N. 1 Video from 3 to 5 minutes

Do you need to show your potential customers how your product / service works? Create a simple, clear and effective Video Tutorial.

The key is only one: to simplify the processes as much as possible, creating a detailed guide that transmits to the viewer step by step the ease of use, how it works and why they will need it. Once the user understands the process, they will be excited to try it out.

Making a customer understand how to use a product or service is the basis of an effective sales process.


Product Video

From € 1.290,00 To € 2.990,00

N. 1 Video max 90″

Do you need to advertise a product? Would you like to create a video content that can enhance its characteristics and uniqueness? Product Videos are the answer.

Short and straight to the point, they help increase consumer confidence in your brand and are perfect for showing all the features of a product, leveraging not only on the design, but also and above all on its usefulness.

We recommend that you highlight what makes your product better than others in order to attract new visitors who are still searching. You need to make sure that your product video sets you apart from the competition.


Narrative Video

From € 11.590,00 To € 29.090,00

From n. 3 to n. 6 videos | 3 minutes

Do you want to tell your brand or your product in an exciting and engaging way? Do you want your brand to remain etched in the viewer’s mind? Choose a Narrative Video series.

Thanks to classic storytelling elements, like character building, conflict and resolution, Narrative Videos are perfect for creating a direct relationship with your audience.

Since their goal is to tell a story, their ideal position is at the top of the sales / acquisition funnel at the stage where users are becoming aware of the problem you could solve them, engaging them with high-impact content.


Case Study Video

From € 1.990,00 To € 2.690,00

N. 1 Video from 90″ to 3 minutes

Do you want to tell your successful case study? Create a Video Production that leaves its mark!

The Case Study Videos add concreteness and effectiveness to communication and show potential customers that your company achieves real results and brings real benefits.

What makes the case studies really interesting is the possibility of seeing with which solutions the company solves specific problems or what benefits its products bring. Thanks to these Video Productions, the target audience can appreciate the company’s expertise, the real effectiveness of its products and services, and choose it.