Beach wedding: symbolic or civil?

One of the most fascinating choices for organizing your wedding is certainly to choose a beach! But what are the differences between a civil or symbolic beach wedding?


Civil wedding on the beach

The civil wedding on the beach also has a legal validity as it will be celebrated by a specially designated Civil Status Officer of the Municipality. This involves reading all laws and signing official documents.

Symbolic Beach Wedding

This type of marriage, as the word “symbolic” specifies, is legally not recognized. So why choose this solution? The reasons are many … first of all, no one forbids getting married “legally” first in the Municipality (perhaps on the same day) so that you are actually married … bypassing the “legal” problem. Another reason is that being a symbolic wedding you can go outside the box so for example the celebrant could be your friend, parent, relative … any person dear to you. In this way your beach wedding takes on a much more engaging emotional value than the classic wedding where everything happens in a schematic way. Often couples who choose the symbolic rite also use the “rite of ribbons” to give a greater symbol to their union and exchange personalized “vows”, mostly very moving and which will indelibly mark the most beautiful day of yours life!


Beach wedding in Cesenatico

Today I would like to talk to you about this splendid symbolic wedding on the beach that we made in Cesenatico at the MARE ‘establishment! Fabiana and Paolo live in Bologna, but they have always been linked to this beach since their first meeting, so it was the most natural choice to choose it as a symbol of their yes day!


The symbolic ceremony that took place on the beach was one of the most moving I have ever witnessed and had their promises as its guiding line “…. wherever you are, I will love until there “!

But not just the ceremony…. the party was also great, perhaps due to the suggestion of being on the beach at night, that sense of freedom and happiness that it gives you…. in any case an unforgettable day for everyone.

Wedding video

The WEDDING VIDEO takes on an incalculable value in people’s memories, especially after years from their wedding day, so consider this service well, do not be influenced by fashion or by the price because it is the only thing that will remain forever and will be the means by which even your children will one day be able to relive what they have not witnessed!

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