A Fairytale Destination Wedding at Castello di Tabiano

Kat & Choc’s Enchanting Celebration

The Dream of a ‘Dolce Vita’ Wedding in Italy

Italy, a country steeped in history and culture, is the epitome of the “dolce vita” dream. For many couples, exchanging vows at the historic Castello di Tabiano, nestled in the Apennine Mountains, is the ultimate romantic fantasy. This tale unfolds the enchanting destination wedding of Kat and Choc, who journeyed from the Philippines to Italy to celebrate their love.

Day One: A White-Clad Welcome Amidst the Rain

The festivities began with a traditional religious ceremony in a quaint chapel near the castle, officiated by a childhood friend of the couple. Despite a torrential downpour, the magic of the location remained untouched. The evening continued with a welcome dinner at the castle’s dairy complex, where guests donned white attire, embracing the purity and unity of the occasion.


Day Two: Medieval Splendor and Timeless Vows

On the second day, the entire celebration was held within the castle’s walls. The bride’s preparations took place in the medieval chambers, where the warm light filtering through the windows painted timeless hues. The highlight was the bridal procession down the grand staircase, leading to an outdoor ceremony in the castle’s courtyard. Here, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows, accompanied by the melodious strains of a violin quartet.


A Night of Regal Festivities and Endless Dance

The reception unfolded in the luxurious rooms of Castello di Tabiano, echoing tales of the 18th century. Speeches from family and friends added personal touches to the regal setting. The evening culminated in the castle’s cellars, transformed into a dance floor surrounded by giant wooden wine barrels, where the celebration continued into the night.


Conclusion: A Storybook Ending to a Dream Wedding

Kat and Choc’s wedding was not just a union of two hearts but a celebration that brought together friends and family from across the globe. Their story of love and commitment was set against a backdrop of history and enchantment, truly a fairytale come to life. A heartfelt thank you to Kat and Choc for allowing Daniele Donati Films to capture and narrate their spectacular love story.