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| a film is forever by Daniele Donati Films |

Hey! I am a destination wedding videographer director based in Italy and I work with Destination Wedding and Elopement in Italy, Europe and the whole world. I told stories of love in Venice, Rome, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Umbria, Apulia, Sardinia … My last destination wedding was in the Mayan Riviera in Mexico for an amazing Indian wedding! Where will you be? Did you choose an incredible place for your wedding? CONTACT US  we will create a dream wedding film for you too!

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Italian Wedding in Marche


Are you looking for a destination wedding videographer in Italy?

| Relax, because you are in the right place! |

So maybe I’m the right person to guide you to the places and places of your wedding! I’m totally in love with Italy.
There are so many wonderful places in Italy to organize your wedding, elopement or a pre-wedding session. To be honest it’s just a dream to go there and I can proudly call myself a Destination Wedding Videographer!

destination wedding umbria

Destination Wedding Videographer and Elopement Videography

Get married in Europe: Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Iceland; United States or United Kingdom or Riviera Maya or Dubai or Latino America ... no matter where you go, we are thrilled to be able to tell your story!


My life’s work is creating beautiful wedding films with story and style and I want to capture your day with our signature cinematic look and feel. We love emotions. Pure emotions. Capturing them and making something people can feel. Being touched. That’s what Daniele Donati Films stands for. We capture that what is most important: the love between two people and the emotions throughout the day.


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