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Ciao! I am a wedding videographer based in Italy and I work with Destination Wedding and Elopement both in ITALY and in EUROPE, as well as in beautiful Countries like PORTUGAL, SLOVAKIA, FRANCE, SPAIN, SWITZERLAND and GERMANY and all over the world! I have told stories of love in VENICE, ROME, CAPRI, AMALFI COAST, TUSCANY, UMBRIA, LAKE COMO, APULIA, SARDINIA … My latest wedding destinations have been in the RIVIERA MAYA in Mexico for a fantastic Indian wedding; in ANTIGUA GUATEMALA, an ancient city that looks like an open-air museum surrounded by very high volcanoes named “Earth”, “Water”, and “Fire”; and on NECKER ISLAND in the British Virgin Islands where it feels like living in an earthly paradise!

Where will you be? Have you chosen an incredible place for your wedding? CONTACT US and we will create a dream wedding film for you too!

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Your love story deserves to be brought to life on the big screen! Emotions, details, words, and beauty are the essential ingredients in our unique shooting style, forming the secret recipe behind our unforgettable wedding videos. With our expert videography, we’ll capture every moment of your special day and present it back to you in a personalized, original narrative that is crafted with love and passion. Our ultimate goal is to evoke your deepest feelings and touch your heart over and over again

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At Daniele Donati Films, we are dedicated to crafting breathtaking wedding films that tell a beautiful story, highlighting the unique and intimate moments of your special day with our signature cinematic look. We are passionate about capturing pure emotions and transforming them into a heartfelt masterpiece that can be cherished for a lifetime. For us, it’s all about touching people’s hearts – this is the essence of our work.

We focus on what’s truly important – the love between two people and the emotions that accompany such a special occasion. We offer a range of customizable video packages to suit your individual needs and preferences, or feel free to request a personalized package that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Daniele Donati

Over the past few years, Daniele Donati has been recognized with more than 60 International and National Awards by major associations in the wedding industry, cementing his position among the top 20 international wedding videographers.

In 2020, he was elected as the President of the Italian Videographers Association, a community of professionals who share a passion for videography and strive to promote the value of their craft through training courses and workshops.

With every project, Daniele’s ultimate objective is to craft a wedding video that is as unique and original as the special day itself – one that is truly reflective of the couple and their individual love story, creating a unique and special keepsake that will be treasured forever

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